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Formula 1 Uses DPA Mics To Capture Car Sounds

Formula1 Uses DPA Mics To Capture Car Sounds

There’s so much that makes the sport of Formula 1 so great. The speed, the prestige, the adrenaline. Formula1 invest millions to give spectators the best possible viewing experience – both live and on television.

Sound is a huge part of Formula 1 and it’s a major challenge to capture the audio and give the best possible experience to TV viewers. To achieve the best possible sound, Formula1 have partnered with none other than DPA Microphones to give the truest sound reproduction possible.

DPA Microphones specialises in creating some of the most resilient microphones and are known as industry leaders in the film, broadcast, sound design, theatre and music industries.

Given their intended nature of use, DPA mics stand up to the toughest of environments, performing brilliantly in adverse temperatures, humidity and wind –  the challenges met with Formula1 are not so dissimilar to those they already know.

The same care and build quality goes into each mic, whether it’s to be used on an actor, a drum kit or a Formula 1 race car.

Due to the advancement in motor engineering, met with new regulations in the sport; the sound of Formula 1 has come a long way since inception and is in continuous development. Formula 1 enthusiasts will remember the car’s unmistakable sound, which is an indispensable component of the full race-day experience. In recent years there has been a lot of critique for the regulations that have changed F1 cars and the sound experience that comes with them. As a result, Formula 1 frequently looks at how they can optimise the sound to give the best possible experience to viewers and DPA Microphones has provided the tools needed to do just that.

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