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Noveller performs with the Meris Polymoon

Noveller Performs with Meris Polymoon Delay – [VIDEO]

L.A. Artist/Composer Noveller performs with the new Meris Polymoon delay pedal. She gives her very first unscripted impressions and performs a live exclusive track.

Here’s what Noveller had to say

It’s all in this box. It’s ALL in there. I just felt like, through the sound, that the room had expanded and I was in a planetarium. So i think it’s aptly named the “Polymoon” because I was seeing all kinds of celestial bodies…

One thing that really excited me about the Polymoon was all the features built in: the flanger, the phaser especially, the modulation, the pitch-shifting capabilities…

I love pedals and I have so many great ones and the Polymoon absolutely hit me as, like, “can I get rid of those other delays on my board? Is this the only one that I need?

Meris Polymoon delay pedal 3-4

This is a live performance by Noveller which uses the Meris Polymoon delay pedal alongside her looper and other pedals. For a dedicated demo video, stay tuned as it’s coming later this November.

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