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Sony URX-P03D Video

Sony URX-P03D Dual-Channel Wireless Receiver for 2016 [VIDEO]

Welcome the Sony URX-P03D Dual-Channel Portable Wireless Receiver. Forming part of the UWP-D range, this wireless receiver receives 2 channels of wireless signal in a very compact, battery powered, lightweight unit, perfect for mounting on video cameras and DSLRs. The Sony URX-P03D is available NOW – contact us for more information.

The above video courtesy of Curtis Judd at NAB2016.

More than two channels in one box

Sony has added an additional mic input on the receiver, so you can add a wired lavalier mic into the mix, which is all controlled in the unit itself. For example, use this mic on yourself for interviewing from behind camera. The built-in mixer function allows you to pan the three sources as you wish. Find out more here >>

Sony URX-P03D Dual Channel Receiver