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Sound Network Ltd. is a distributor of high quality pro-audio equipment. Situated in the UK, our philosophy is based on only the best quality products, knowledge and unparalleled support. We have been DPA Microphones’ distribution partner in the UK for over 20 years. In recent years DPA Microphones has lead the way in miniature capacitor mic technology, establishing themselves as the foremost manufacturer of professional condenser mics the world over. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions and don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for all the latest insider information from our network.

Latest News

Meris Ottobit Sounds and Settings with Terry – Part 3

Meris’s Terry Burton demonstrates how to use the Ottobit 500 series bit crusher to add interesting textures to your recordings for R&B and Funk tracks. Using guitar, analogue synth, drum machine, vocals and bass via the Meris 440 preamp and DI and then patched through the Ottobit, Terry shows how the Ottobit can be used […]

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DPA d:facto Interview Mic Wind Noise Comparison Video

Designed to deliver unmatched clarity and low handling noise, the DPA d:facto™ Interview Mic features a dual-capsule omnidirectional capsule (aka MMC2006V) which is compatible with the entire d:facto Adapter range

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Meris Ottobit Sounds and Settings with Angelo – Part 2

Angelo Mazzocco, DSP Engineer from Meris in the US presents part 2 of the Meris Ottobit ‘sounds and settings’ guides. Angelo demonstrates how to create awesome sounds using the Meris Ottobit bit crusher and his electric guitar plugged into the Meris 440’s DI input. Part 2 shows how to create the following Ottobit sounds: Crushed […]

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