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Sound Network Ltd. is a distributor of high quality pro-audio equipment. Situated in the UK, our philosophy is based on only the best quality products and knowledge to match unparalleled support. We have been DPA Microphones’ distribution partner in the UK for over 21 years. DPA Microphones has lead the way in miniature capacitor mic technology, establishing themselves as the foremost manufacturer of professional condenser mics the world over. Sound Network is also Sony Pro Audio distributor and is proud to represent this world-renowned brand’s products. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions and don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for all the latest insider information from our network.

Latest News

Bubblebee Windkiller Demonstration at the Hoover Dam

Bubblebee Industries’ Poul Mejer armed himself with a DPA d:dicate 4017B shotgun mic and headed up on to the Hoover Dam in the US to test out the Bubblebee Windkiller range which now includes the Short Haired Windkiller version, demonstrating a clearly superior wind protection technology in the rather blustery conditions. Check out the full […]

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Meris Studio Visit at Red Bull Studios LA

Meris founder Terry Burton and DSP engineer Angelo Mazzocco head over to Red Bull Studios in LA. They chat with studio manager Eric Stenman about the Santa Monica recording scene and check out some of the latest Meris gear – including the incendiary Mercury7 Reverb – and what it sounds like. More about Meris →

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DPA Microphones Form The Backbone Of A Unique Classical Recording Rig

A selection of DPA microphones have been incorporated into a unique rig that is designed to bring recording facilities to three Birmingham-based famous musical bodies, including the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra. Richard Meredith, director of London-based pro audio and live sound specialists The Audio Dept., was charged with the task of specifying the rig, […]

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