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Sound Network Ltd. is a distributor of high quality pro-audio equipment. Situated in the UK, our philosophy is based on only the best quality products, knowledge and unparalleled support. We have been DPA Microphones’ distrubution partner in the UK for over 20 years. In recent years DPA Microphones has lead the way in miniature capacitor mic technology, establishing themselves as the foremost manufacturer of professional condenser mics the world over. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions and don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for all the latest insider information from our network.

Latest News

Hawthorn Names DPA As Its Microphone Brand of Choice

“Everyone loved them,” Curnew says. “They sounded amazing and we had no issues with feedback or rejection – they worked well across a range of artists and really brought out the subtlety in the vocalists’ voices. We have since used them on other events including an opera. It’s interesting to note how often they are […]

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DPA Bodyworn Microphone Kits

The DPA Bodyworn Mic Kits offer a high-quality, professional miking solution for corporate, broadcast, webcast and public speaking situations. The Bodyworn Mic Kits come in two variants – Directional or Omnidirectional – each containing nine DPA microphones for miking up multiple presenters in a host of different scenarios.

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Meris In-Store Launch Event at Giraffe Audio

Giraffe Audio has been named one of a handful of UK pro-audio dealers for the newly-arrived boutique studio brand, Meris. To celebrate and get things started, they’re holding a Meris Launch Event at their store on 25th November showcasing the boutique audio processor company’s first product to hit UK soil – their unique 440 Mic […]

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