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Upgrade your old DPA mics to d:dicate Recording Mics

DPA Pencil Microphones Upgrade Path

Upgrade your old DPA mics to d:dicate Recording Mics

Upgrade your old DPA Reference Standard microphones to their equivalent replacements in the latest Pencil range, with the new modular capsules and pre-amp upgrade path. This includes all older DPA 400X Reference Standard microphones like the 4006 or 4006-TL, 4011 or 4011-TL plus the previous 4007, 4015 and 4017 models too. You can read more about the evolution of the 400X range here.

The cost of the upgrade depends slightly on the specific model. The capsule is the main subject of the upgrade, and when you return your old mic you get the relevant new Pencil capsule for £190 exVAT. Add to this the respective Pencil Pre-amp (MMP-A, -B, -C, ER or ES) and the upgrade is complete!
DPA 4006 Omni Mic Versions

The DPA Pencil Upgrade path works for all the following older models:

  • 4006, 4006-TL omnidirectional mics → Upgrade to  4006A (or other preamp model)
  • 4007 omnidirectional mic → Upgrade to 4007A (or other preamp model)
  • 4011, 4011-TL cardioid mics → Upgrade to 4011A (or other preamp model)
  • 4015, 4015-TL wide-cardioid mics → Upgrade to 4015A (or other preamp model)
  • 4017 shotgun mic → Upgrade to 4017B (or other preamp model)
  • 4021, 4022 & 4023 compact cardioid mics → Upgrade to 4011ER or 4011ES
  • 4026, 4027 & 4028 compact wide-cardioid mics → Upgrade to 4015ER or 4015ES
  • 4051, 4052 & 4053 compact omnidirectional mics → Upgrade to 4006ER or 4006ES

Just ensure the capsule is in working order and you’ll qualify for a huge saving on the new models, which will come with a new 5-year warranty on the pre-amp/body and a 1-year warranty on the capsule.

Ask for Upgrade

If you’re unsure and would like more information, or to find out if your specific old model DPA mic qualifies, please get in touch.

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