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A gallery of photos from our escapades around music industry events, live shows, installations and artist interviews with DPA Microphones, Meris, Bubblebee Industries and more. Choose from the list of galleries below to view photos of specific brands or products.

  • DPA snare drum mics - 2011C, 4011C and CORE 4099D

    DPA Drum Mic Workshop at Puzzle Factory Sound Studio

    We held a DPA drum mic'ing workshop at Puzzle Factory Sound Studio in North London on the 06/09/2018 showcasing how to tune your drum mix before the console - using just the microphones.

  • iyatraQuartet at Union Chapel

    Recording iyatraQuartet

    For part of their new album, experimental instrumental world music group iyatraQuartet recorded live in the cavernous space of The Union Chapel in London. The significant ambience in the chapel made for a natural reverb that their recording engineer chose to use in the mix, capturing it with stereo ambient and surround mic arrays.

  • Emeli Sandé / DPA d:facto Vocal Mic

    Emeli Sandé FOH Gerard Albo and DPA Microphones

    Emeli Sandé and FOH Engineer Gerard Albo find DPA’s d:facto™ Vocal Microphone the ideal complement for her voice. The Award-winning singer/songwriter has recently completed an Arena tour in which DPA Microphones featured extensively, not just for her voice and the band, but for recording sound for her live DVD.

  • DPA Microphones workshop at Scala London

    DPA Microphone Workshop at Scala, December 2017

    On 1st of December we held a live microphone workshop with DPA Microphones in conjunction with Capital Sound at Scala in Kings Cross, London. This excellent venue provided a great location and setup to experience the full effect of using DPA Microphones through a great PA to get a very good starting point for a mix with no signal processing beyond hi-pass filters.

  • Kasabian 2017 at The Wiltern LA

    Kasabian and Ben Findlay at The Wiltern, Los Angeles

    Long time Sound Engineer Ben Findlay is currently handling FOH duties for Kasabian, who are in the middle of a major tour that will see them returning to the UK in November and December 2017 for a series of Arena gigs.

  • Katie Melua and her band at Cadogan Hall

    Katie Melua at Cadogan Hall with Bryony October FOH

    Katie Melua is touring with FOH Bryony October behind the faders, using a large selection of DPA microphones to capture her sensational sound.

    Loved for the beautiful subtle nuances in her voice, Katie uses the d:facto™ vocal mic to bring the detail and clarity to the audience. DPA Microphones also pick up the drums, guitar amp and, in shows where they appear, the backup singers and choirs.

  • Andrea Di Biase recording Double Bass

    Recording Double Bass with Andrea Di Biase

    We had the pleasure of recording double bassist Andrea Di Biase ( at our studio in London for an upcoming Jazz track. The session involved tracking live drums and double bass.

  • Charlie Cunningham FM4 Frequency Festival 2017

    Charlie Cunningham at Frequency Festival with Meris and DPA

    Singer-songwriter Charlie Cunningham is very quickly climbing the ranks in the UK and European music world and we got a backstage pass to see how they're making the band sound so good on tour. As it's a very dynamic three-piece band, FOH engineer Les Mommsen has to be an active member, getting the most out of every instrument and reacting quickly to the dynamics of their performance.

  • DPA d:vice and Smaart for Measurement

    DPA d:vice™ and Smaart Prove a Pretty Pair for Sound Measurement

    FOH Engineer Jamie Orchard-Lisle has been quite taken with the new DPA d:vice™ Audio Interface for iOS, Mac and PC. He's using it in the live touring arena, though not exactly as you might imagine. Check out how the d:vice has helped create a powerful mobile mic measurement system and what he says about about his setup:

  • Into the Woods and DPA - Sarah mics the piano

    How Into the Woods uses DPA MMP-G and d:dicate™ mics

    Sound Designer Gregory Clarke had a bit of a puzzle to solve miking an upright piano to be in the center of the stage for the theatre production, "Into the Woods".

  • Sam explains the compatibility of the Sony DWX-N system

    Sony Digital Wireless Training Day, February 2017

    As UK Distributer for Sony Pro Audio we have undertaken to host free training days on the subject of digital wireless and how, with the increasing pressure on bandwidth, more projects are adopting digital wireless systems to deal with channel distribution.

  • The Sound Network Mixdown 2017

    The Mixdown 2017 Photo Gallery

    This year's Sound Network bash shed its "live only" skin and underwent a rebrand, emerging as Mixdown 2017.