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DPA MicrophonesSONYQuestedSmart Research

Sound Network Ltd. is a distributor of high quality pro-audio equipment. Situated in the UK, our philosophy is based on only the best quality products and audio expertise to match our unparalleled support. We have been DPA Microphones’ distribution partner in the UK for over 21 years. DPA Microphones has led the way in miniature capacitor mic technology, establishing themselves as the foremost manufacturer of professional condenser mics the world over. Sound Network is also Sony Pro Audio distributor and is proud to represent this world-renowned brand’s products. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions and don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for all the latest insider information from our network. Subscribe here for news and events >>

Latest News

Sound Designer Ken Travis Dazzles Broadway Audiences with DPA Microphones

The human voice and head are very complicated so it’s great to have a microphone like the d:screet 4061 that works so well. We recently switched to the new d:screet 6060 CORE mic for our genie as it is smaller and seems to shed the sweat even better. I really hate seeing microphones on the […]

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Simon Honywill Tears Up Rule Book With DPA Microphones

I needed to make sure all the microphones I was using were as predictable as possible, DPA was the obvious choice – because each microphone sounds the same.

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RAK Studios Install Quested’s Q212FS System

Rat Studios has just been added to the list of world-renowned studios that all feuter Quested Monitoring Systems, a list that includes Abbey Road Studios & HANSA studios in Berlin.

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