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Headset Microphones

DPA Microphones offers a wide range of headset and earset microphones that can be used in a wide range of settings. Make sure to choose the perfect headset microphone for your needs.

Headworn microphones, whether on one ear – earset – or two ears – headset, are popular because of their ease of use, amazing sound and flexibility. Once placed on the performer, the microphone sits securely and unobtrusively close to the sound source and allows the user to move freely about without having to hold a microphone in the hand or have a lavalier mic clipped on the shirt. Headworn mics remove the disadvantage of changing color of the sound as the head moves around.

Ear- and headset mics are commonly seen used in theaters, houses of worship, at conferences, on TV broadcasts and many other events. DPA Headset Microphones provide a wide variety of mounting options to suit all applications.

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