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Ellie Goulding at the Brits 2014

DPA d:facto II Takes Center Stage at the Brit Awards 2014

Long time fan of the DPA d:facto II to capture her alluring vocal perfomances, Ellie Goulding performed for the prestigious Brit Awards 2014 ceremony using her go-to vocal mic – the DPA d:facto™ II. The talented songstress also picked up the Brit award for best solo female artist, and deservedly so.

Ellie Goulding switched to the d:facto™ as her vocal mic of choice in mid-2013. Oz Bagnall, her FOH engineer says, At FOH, the microphone was a huge success as I had all the level I needed and much improved audio quality and clarity. I especially like its flat response and virtually no low end proximity effect.
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Conor Maynard also favoured the mic in his Brit performance at the pre-celebration party at Brooklyn Bowl. Sharing the stage with Lewis Watson and George Barnett, Conor stole the show, looking and definitely sounding the part singing into the d:facto II with his signature ‘cupped-in-hand’ style. The DPA condenser vocal mic performs remarkably well in reducing spill and off-axis noise as the incredibly flat frequency response means any spill does not clash or sound out of place in the mix.

Conor’s FOH sound engineer, Richard Gough says, Conor ‘cups’ the mic, like a rapper and this distorts the polar pattern of the mic. But noticeably with the d:facto, this doesn’t seem to matter too much. I still get plenty of gain before feedback in my side fills, so his vocal is there if his ears fail. This is one of the most impressive things about the mic. It has such a smooth response and gives lovely warm lows without ‘popping’ and ‘booming’.
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Ellie Goulding at the Brits 2014 with DPA d:facto II Mic

Ellie Goulding with her DPA d:facto II Vocal Mic at the Brits 2014

Conor Maynard performing with the DPA d:facto™ II vocal mic at the Brit Awards 2014

Conor Maynard performing with the DPA d:facto™ II vocal mic at the Brit Awards 2014

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