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DPA 6000 Series

DPA 6000 Series Launched – DPA’s Tiniest Ever Microphone Capsules

DPA Microphones 6000 Series Launched

The wait is over! DPA Microphones have officially introduced the 6000 series – their smallest ever high end pro audio microphone capsules as additions to their industry-leading d:screet™ Lavalier and d:fine™ Headset Microphone ranges.

DPA Microphones 6000 Series – 3mm of audio perfection

The d:screet CORE 6060 and 6061 Subminiature Microphones and the 6066 d:fine CORE Subminiature Headset Microphone are just three millimetres in diameter – two millimetres smaller than DPA’s existing 4000 series of miniature microphone products. All three incorporate the recently launched CORE by DPA amplifier technology that reduces distortion and increases dynamic range, while they may be small, they pack a powerful punch in terms of performance.

DPA 6060 Microphone on Button Hole

DPA 6000 Series Technical Specifications

When it comes to the technical specs, all three 6000 series capsules are omnidirectional and have a frequency range of 20 Hz – 20 kHz. The d:screet™ 6060 Lavalier has a noise floor of only 24 dB(A), while the d:screet 6061 Lavalier and d:fine™ 6066 Headset have noise floors of only 26 dB(A). This is similar to DPA’s existing 4000 series miniature mics. All three capsules are available in black and beige.

Stainless steel construction makes the mics in the 6000 series extremely durable. They can tolerate high temperatures and they’re resilient against impacts and resistant to abrasion. The subminiature mics use the same size cable as on DPA’s 5 mm mics. The cables are extremelty durable, do not become entangled and withstand rough pulls.

The d:fine 6066 also benefits from a completely redesigned lightweight, “one size fits all” headset that attaches over the ears for maximum comfort and has a spring mechanism to help it grip below the ears and to the side of the head for added security. With a fully adjustable boom, this new headset is very easy to fit and also has a redesigned cable attachment that allows the cable to run down the wearer’s back, so it can’t be seen.

DPA 6066 Headset Microphone

Several years of research have gone into the development of these new capsules and during that time DPA R&D staff have visited theatres, film sets and television studios to learn first-hand exactly what their customers need from a miniature microphone.

DPA’s existing 5mm capsules are renowned for their exceptional sound quality and durability, so being able to offer a microphone that’s equally as good, but in an even smaller package is extremely exciting – offering an even more discreet microphone for on-stage performers.

Richard Brooker, Sound Designer

The 4060 has been the point of reference in what I do for quite a some time. Moving to CORE was an unbelievable step-up in sound quality and now the 6060 is even better and, somehow, smaller. I find it remarkable that we can achieve studio quality sound from a microphone that small. For me, it is the best miniature capsule DPA have ever made.

Richard Brooker – Sound Designer

Dan Samson

When we first took CORE and A-B’d it against the previous models, we noticed a percentage increase in sound quality and usability and what we have heard from the 6061 has done exactly the same step forward again, which is no surprise from DPA… The 6061 is the best miniature capsule DPA have ever made.

Dan Samson – Sound Designer

Simon Hayes

We used the new 6000 series on Danny Boyles new musical, which was recorded with completely 100% live vocals on every track. I was stunned to hear the the classic DPA transparent vocal quality and ability to handle high SPL’s has been carried across into such a tiny mic. I didn’t feel there was any acoustic compromise switching from 4061 core to the 6000 and we were able to rig the mic closer to the mouth because of its ability to be hidden more easily in costumes. Speaking of costumes, the Costume Dept love it too, so it’s a win – win!

Simon Hayes – Production Sound Mixer

About once a week someone asks me when actors are going to have microphones surgically implanted in to their skulls. It was funny, for a while… The 6061 isn’t a surgically implanted bone-transducer microphone, cold-grafted to the temple, but at half the size of a 4061 and with the same great audio quality, it’s getting close…

Gareth Owen – Sound Designer

The 6061, it’s great, it’s a tiny little mic but it retains all those qualities of the 4061 which is our regular mic, you can fit it in little gaps or behind a button, it’s a great piece of kit.

Tim White – Production Sound Mixer

Not only does the sound of the 6000 series make me happy, but it’s smaller size means that the performers who are wearing them, are happier too.

Gareth Fry – Sound Designer

Tom Williams

With this mic you can hide it in a shadow or get it in a seam, there’s places it can go which wasn’t possible with a 4061…The 6061 seems to be so much more resilient to water and will last 5, 6 or 7 takes in a full storm sequence where you’ve got a rain machine and a wind machine and everything thrown at it and if you get a bit of water in there you just give it a tap and you’re good to go.

Tom Williams – Production Sound Mixer

Dom Bilkey

We used the 6061 on the Lehmann Trilogy at the National Theatre. The small form factor of the 6061 was great and enabled our backstage team to very easily hide the microphone on the performers and also our number one to mix the performers in quite a challenging environment. The sound quality of the microphone in that environment was very, very good, especially considering they were in a glass box!

Dom Bilkey – Head of Sound & Video, National Theatre

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