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DPA d:screet Slim mic and new Concealer

DPA Releases d:screet Slim Mic & New Concealers

DPA Microphones has released a new Slim 4060 and Slim 4061 version of their much loved miniature microphone, the d:screet™ 4060 and 4061. The new d:screet™ Slim 4060 & 4061 mics are designed to keep an even lower profile than the 4060 or 61 and features DPA’s award winning omnidirectional capsule element in a flat head with a slender cable, giving you the same high quality sound from an even smaller microphone.

That’s not all though, as the company has also introduced a new Concealer range, a modular solution redesigned with detachable clothing clip and spacer bracket.

The DPA d:screet™ Slim lavalier mic has been developed in response to a growing need, especially from the film & tv industries, for a near-invisible bodyworn microphone to suit the tough requirements of sound recordists. Included with the Slim mic is an exciting and innovative new button-hole mount accessory. This cap is to be mounted on the mic head and has a small side entry pipe (diameter of 2 mm) making it possible to have the sound enter through a button hole while the mic remains unseen.

“After speaking with our users and colleagues in the industry, we took a closer look at how microphones were being concealed and developed a completely new and unique way we could address this requirement,” explains Mikkel Nymand, product manager for DPA Microphones.

The result was a microphone that is more easily hidden under clothes, a big necessity for television and film production. The nice thing about the new design is that it leaves a flatter footprint, but with the same high-quality sound for which DPA is known.

Priced to match the DPA d:screet range, the d:screet Slim comes in two variations at present: the d:screet Slim 4060 and d:screet Slim 4061, high- and regular-sensitivity versions as with the 4060 and 4061 mics. The d:screet™ Slim will is available for order immediately through all appointed DPA pro audio dealers, and first shipments will begin in January. Find your nearest dealer.

DPA's new d:screet™ Slim mic and button hole accessory

DPA’s new d:screet™ Slim mic and button hole accessory

The DPA d:screet Slim mounted in button hole

The DPA d:screet Slim mounted in button hole

DPA d:screet Slim vs SC4061 microphone

DPA d:screet Slim’s profile is about half that of the ubiquitous SC4061 mic capsule

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DPA Concealers Redesigned

The new concealer range released alongside its d:screet Slim lavalier mic adds to DPA Microphones’ capable toolset for sound recordists. There a three new concealers, one each to house the d:screet™ Slim, regular d:screet 4060 style, and Heavy Duty variants of DPA’s bodyworn d:screet microphone range.

The new DPA Concealer range:

Included when you purchase the new concealer is the top & bottom of the concealer, a clothing clip and a spacer bracket. Its design has the same diameter as the previous type and, as widely requested by the marketplace, is now made with TRANSPARENT polypropylene, which is a PVC-free material.

The new DPA Concealer features modular construction, meaning that the Concealer Top can be unclipped from the Concealer Base so that the base can be kept fixed to the clothing while allowing the top part (with mic) to be removed independently.

With each concealer comes a unique new detachable Space Bracket securing distance to the clothing. This Space Bracket clicks in and out of the Concealer Top. Also, a detachable Clothing Clip for the Concealer Base allows for hidden mounting of a d:screet miniature in a shirt.

DPA's new Microphone Concealer

DPA’s new Microphone Concealer

DPA's new Microphone Concealer Profile

Keeping a low profile with the d:screet™ Slim mic

The new DPA Concealer and d:screet™ Slim Mic Parts

The new DPA Concealer and d:screet™ Slim Mic detachable parts

All the parts in the new DPA Concealers’ construction are also available separately as spares, so if you lose a clothing clip or spacer, you can replace them inexpensively – simply contact your favourite DPA approved pro audio supplier. Find a dealer.

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