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LMC Audio Microphone Techniques Workshop

Free Microphone Techniques Workshop with LMC Audio Solutions

There are hundreds, if not thousands of videos and courses online all offering valuable advice on microphone technique, but nothing beats actually getting hands-on when it comes to learning what works (and what doesn’t) in real live situations.

We invite you to join us for a hands-on Microphone Techniques Workshop with hosts JP Cavaco (LMC Audio Systems), Bo Brinck (DPA Microphones) and Adam Pierce (Sound Network). The mic techniques workshop will be focusing on improved mic techniques primarily for the live environment.

Mic Workshop Details

  • Where: Union Chapel, London – Compton Ave, London, N1 2XD
  • When: Thursday 22 May
  • Times: There will be three sessions over the course of the day, to ensure we can accommodate you when it’s convenient for you. These are 11am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm.
  • Register to attend: As there are limited spaces available, please register your attendance early to ensure your space at the workshop.

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For any further information please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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