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Bubblebee Invisible Lav Covers FUR OUTDOOR

New Way to Mount Lavalier Microphones Outdoors

One of the most important skills to master in sound recording is how you mount lavalier microphones on your subject. You need to take into account positioning, clothing noise, cable noise and tension and be a master of understanding materials, not to mention being able to mount the microphone effectively and comfortably on a subject […]

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Emilia Clarke and Kit Harington, DPA Microphones and Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones and DPA Microphones

Game of Thrones Production Sound Mixer Daniel Crowley uses a wide array of DPA Microphones to capture every word in Westeros for the HBO mega-hit. With six different DPA models in constant use on set, he takes no chances in making sure every sound eventuality is catered for. The fate of Westeros hanging by a […]

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DPA d:vice™ iPhone Recording

DPA launches d:vice™ Digital Audio Interface at NAB2017

DPA Microphones has introduced the d:vice™, a new dual-channel microphone preamp and A/D converter exclusively for iOS mobile devices, Mac® and PC. Already popular among broadcast journalists, musicians, front of house engineers, theatres, churches, television and film productions, DPA Microphones continues to diversify its product offerings with its new d:vice™ MMA-A Digital Audio Interface. This […]

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DPA d:screet™ Heavy Duty Mics

Updated Accessories for DPA d:screet™ Heavy Duty Mics

Try the full range of accessories now available for the DPA d:screet Heavy Duty range of microphones. Last year saw the release by DPA Microphones of ultra-durable versions of their classic DPA d:screet™ 4060 and 4061 mics, dubbed, “d:screet™ Heavy Duty” mics. These resilient miniature lavalier mics received a number of upgrades to bolster their […]

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Midsomer Murders Sound Team - Adam Johnston, Jonathan Wyatt, Liam Ryan

DPA d:screet Slim Microphones Join The Cast On Midsomer Murders

ITV’s long running detective series Midsomer Murders is among the first television shows in the UK to record dialogue using DPA’s new d:screet™ Slim Miniature Microphone, which was launched last year to huge critical acclaim. Developed in response to demands from the film industry for an even smaller lavalier mic that could not to be […]

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Codemasters Sound Recordist Chris Jojo

Recording Cars for Codemasters DiRT Rally with DPA

Codemasters, one of the UK’s most successful video game developers, has been using a large constituent of DPA d:dicate™ Recording Microphones to record the sound of high performance rally cars for its latest title, DiRT Rally. Chris Jojo, Senior Sound Designer and the Principal Sound Recording Engineer for Codemasters Racing, says: “For me DPA is […]

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Rashad Omar uses DPA d:dicate™ 4018ES

DPA Microphones Bring New Meaning to the Phrase ‘In-Car Audio’

Production Sound Mixer and Sound Recordist Rashad Omar has been using DPA d:screet™ and d:dicate™ microphones to record dialogue for a number of high-profile feature films include American Honey, which recently won the 2016 Jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival. Directed by Andrea Arnold and starring Sasha Lane, Shia LaBeouf and Riley Keough, the […]

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Simon Hayes at SoundPro 2015

In conversation with Simon Hayes – Production Sound Mixer

Over the last 20 years Production Sound Mixer Simon Hayes has worked on more than 45 feature films, including the acclaimed 2012 version of Les Misérables, which won him an Oscar, a BAFTA and a CAS Award in the sound and sound mixing categories. After starting work as a runner for a commercial production company […]

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Bob Osmo Production Sound Mixer for Mad Max Fury Road

DPA Mics Capture Sound on Mad Max: Fury Road

After a wait of 30 years, Mad Max fans are revelling in the release of Mad Max: Fury Road, the fourth in this exceptionally successful action adventure film series starring Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron and Nicholas Hoult, and directed, produced and co-written by George Miller. Award-winning Production Sound Mixer Ben Osmo chose DPA’s d:screet™ 4063 […]

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Simon used DPA d:screet™ 4071 mics concealed in Drax's body makeup for Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy Recorded with DPA Microphones

Hayes chose DPA miniatures for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy so that he could capture original dialogue, right at the point of shooting. Given that Director James Gunn’s vision for the film was to preserve the authenticity and emotion of the actors’ performances, he felt this was the best way to serve the film and […]

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David Harcombe tests the DPA d:screet™ Heavy Duty 4061 Mic in river water

Sound Recordist Takes DPA Heavy Duty 4061 Mic into River Water

David Harcombe, who has tailored an image as an extreme sound recordist, recording all over the world including Ghana and Siberia, was curious about the durability of DPA’s new Heavy Duty 4061 lavalier microphone so he rigged himself with one before taking a dive into a reservoir in West London

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