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DPA d:dicate 4015A Demo

DPA d:dicate 4015A Wide Cardioid Mic Demonstration

Louis from Garageband and Beyond has put together a nice video demonstration using the DPA d:dicate 4015A recording microphone. From DPA’s d:dicate™ recording range, the 4015A is a wide cardioid recording microphone with a clear and flat frequency response second to none, and here you can hear how it picks up the following acoustic instruments:

  • Martin HD28 Acoustic Guitar (jump to 4:28)
  • Martin D28 Acoustic Guitar (jump to 6:00)
  • Recording King ROS-627 Acoustic Guitar (jump to 7:00)
  • Mandolin (jump to 8:40)

The 4015A’s polar pattern makes it perfect for recording acoustic instruments and percussion and this versatile microphone is regularly used in stereo pairs to record piano and as drum overheads, with exceptional results.

DPA d:dicate 4015A Frequency Response

d:dicate 4015A Wide Cardioid Frequency Response
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