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Geoff Stanfield Tape Op Meris mixing stompboxes

Mixing Using Stompboxes with the Meris 440 Mic Pre – Tape Op Mag

Geoff Stanfield, Online Publisher for Tape Op Magazine has put together this video on using stompboxes to get creative with effects during your mixing process. He uses the Meris 440 Mic Pre to integrate the stompboxes with Pro Tools and as well as showing you how to achieve this, gives handy tips and demonstrations on the matter.

He says:

There has been a heightened interest lately in using stompboxes and pedals as part of the mixing process. There are a few ways to interface your pedals with your system, but here is a quick video on how I do it using the Meris 440 500 series mic-pre. I like the x-factor of using relatively inexpensive pedals to bring something different to a mix than I might otherwise get with a plug-in.
Have fun!