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DPA d:vice™ and Smaart Prove a Pretty Pair for Sound Measurement

FOH Engineer Jamie Orchard-Lisle has been quite taken with the new DPA d:vice™ Audio Interface for iOS, Mac and PC. He's using it in the live touring arena, though not exactly as you might imagine. Check out how the d:vice has helped create a powerful mobile mic measurement system and what he says about about his setup:

“When the d:vice™ arrived I was instantly taken by its size (small!) and its usual DPA build quality. I initially tried it on a casual basis to capture ambient noises and was instantly impressed by its low noise floor and ease of use.

The main reason I was interested in the d:vice, however, was as a measurement mic system. Currently touring with post punk rock band Beak> from Bristol, we had 2 gigs mid-tour supporting Arcade Fire, one in Berlin and the second in Manchester. Using Audio Tools, an iOS app by Studio Six Digital, running Smaart, I hooked up the d:vice, connected a DPA MMP-G mic pre and attached a 2006 omni capsule.

This instantly provided an incredibly portable, powerful measurement system. The local engineers were all fascinated at the speed of set up (seconds) and the accuracy of the system.

In summary, DPA have produced an amazing bit of kit that will find itself being used on most gigs I mix.

A great tool.”


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