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How Into the Woods uses DPA MMP-G and d:dicate™ mics

Sound Designer Gregory Clarke had a bit of a puzzle to solve miking an upright piano to be in the center of the stage for the theatre production, "Into the Woods".

That was, until he got his hands on the DPA MMP-G active cables, allowing him to fit a stereo pair of d:dicate™ 4011 capsules inside the piano and use wireless transmitters so there was no chance of mishaps with cables, no matter where the piano was moved.

He says: “The piano, which underpinned most of the musical content in this stripped-back version of the show was mobile and actually formed part of the “choreography” of the piece. Cables were therefore out of the question, and we were looking for a solution that was not only reliable but elegant and sonically outstanding. We chose [d:dicate™] 4011G mics and they were just perfect. The beautifully thought-out cable structure allowed us to plug directly into the wireless transmitters and contain everything inside the piano, and also mount the microphones in an absolutely ideal position within the piano itself. Jens and Sarah did an excellent job in rigging and securing the microphones and they sounded just beautiful; natural, transparent, clear, indeed everything I have come to expect from DPA equipment. Gorgeous sound, gorgeous, intelligent engineering. Love them.”

Photography ~ Caleb Hill

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