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Recording Double Bass with Andrea Di Biase

We had the pleasure of recording double bassist Andrea Di Biase ( at our studio in London for an upcoming Jazz track. The session involved tracking live drums and double bass.

Along with Andrea Di Biase with a suite of DPA mics on double bass – including the d:dicate™ 4011GR – the drum kit was recorded with DPA d:dicate™ 4015A wide cardioids as overheads, seriously lush sounding with a beautiful stereo spread. The toms and cymbals were close-mic’ed with DPA d:vote™ 4099D supercardioids and the kick drum got the fullness and precision of the d:dicate™ 2011C / d:vote™ 4099D treatment. On snare duty, a 4011GR provided the attack and detail necessary for the considerable amount of ghost notes the multi-time-signatured track required.

Also note the innovate snare-dampening techniques employed. Adds a certain amount of jingle, depending on how flush you’re feeling at the time.

All the mics were powered by our bank of Meris 440 mic preamps for the entire session, offering plenty of headroom with natural, clear results. More about that here.

We also used the opportunity to get Andrea to improvise while we recorded his performance with the DPA d:vice™ Audio Interface with an iPhone 6S. Watch the video here.

More info on the DPA d:vice here:
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