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Meris Launches Amazing New FX Pedal Range

Meris Mercury7 Pedal Features
Meris Ottobit Jr Pedal Features

Los Angeles boutique effects manufacturer Meris has released two amazing new effects pedals for guitar, bass and synth: say ‘Hello’ to the Mercury7 Reverb Pedal and the Ottobit Jr Pedal. These Meris effects pedals are available now for purchase via Meris authorised dealers.

Both the Ottobit Jr and Mercury7 pedals are inspired by their 500-series counterparts, but feature slightly redesigned algorithms and feature sets to cater for guitar, bass and synth. For example they both have stereo I/O, selectable line level or instrument level input and an EXP/CTRL/MIDI jack input that allows for recallable settings, midi control of all parameters and use with an expression pedal. Great features for any guitar pedal and that’s before we even get onto their effects!

Hear the Mercury7 pedal

Hear the Ottobit Jr pedal

Watch the Ottobit Jr Launch Video

Nick and Juan from take on the world premiere of the Ottobit Jr in their awesome video above, and had this to say about it:

Once every few years, a piece of gear will come on the market and set it on fire. Just when we think we’ve seen everything, a company that is new to the pedal game comes out with a stompbox PACKED with bit crushing, filtering, pitch sequencing, and stuttering capabilities coinciding with a digital brain that makes programming incredibly simple, and components that deliver the optimum fidelity. Ladies and gentlemen, that company is Meris, and this pedal is the OTTOBIT JR!

Watch the Mercury7 Reverb Pedal Video

Terry and I are lifelong guitar players and we put every bit of that into making exactly the pedal we want. The Mercury7 is our tribute to Reverb as a creative instrument, and it’s the perfect way to add new horizons to your sound.

Available to order now:

The Mercury7 Reverb Pedal and Ottobit Jr Pedal are now available for order in the UK through the following authorised stockists:

GAK - Guitar Amp & Keyboard
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Red Dog Music Logo
The North American Guitar
Giraffe Audio, Birmingham
FX Pedal Rental

Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch with us with any questions you might have and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Meris Ottobit Jr and Mercury7 pedals now available