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Miniature Foam Windscreens for DPA Miniature Capsules

Foam Windscreens for Headsets and Earsets with round capsule and DPA Lavalier 4060 Series.

The windscreen is made of foam. The size and construction of the foam ensures that the windscreen does not attenuate the higher frequencies more than the tolerance field of the microphone frequency response and simultaneously it provides excellent protection from wind and pop noises. The size of the windscreen makes it discreet in all applications.

Sold as a set of five pcs.

Product IDs:

  • DUA0560 Miniature Foam Windscreen, Black
  • DUA0566 Miniature Foam Windscreen, White
  • DUA0567 Miniature Foam Windscreen, Beige
  • DUA0568 Miniature Foam Windscreen, Brown
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