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DPA d:fine Headset Microphones – A Visual Guide

DPA d:fine Headset Mic guide

DPA’s d:fine™ Headset Microphones are tremendously useful mics for public speakers, singers, actors, webcasters and musicians alike. The d:fine range of directional and omni headsets caters for any imaginable situation, incorporating single and dual earhooks, cardioid and omnidirectional mic booms of varying lengths, as well as four different colours. Get in touch to chat.

DPA d:fine™ Omni or Directional Mics – Covering all your headset needs

DPA d:fine™ Headset Mic Boom/Capsule Options

The d:fine™ range now includes the d:fine Slim Directional and Omni booms and microphone booms housing the original DPA 4066 (omni) and DPA 4088 (cardioid) mic capsules, bringing these well-loved headset capsules in line with the d:fine range’s modular design available as single and dual-ear headset options.

Ask for d:fine Slim Omni, d:fine Slim Directional, d:fine 66 or d:fine 88 headset mics. (The older versions, the 4066 or 4088, are also still available on request.)

The d:fine headset mic is made up of three main parts: the miniature microphone boom (MMB), the cable and the earhook, with some peripheral parts that complete the product, like the cable strain relief, makeup and moisture filter, and a clothing clip.

Headset Mic Capsule and Boom Options explained

Now incorporating a range of four of DPA’s excellent miniature microphone capsules, d:fine headset mics are sure to provide you with incredible sound for any situation – be it for singers, public speakers, video and television presenters, theatrical actors and many more. The capsules come in varying lengths and are all available in a range of finishes depending on what your application dictates.

DPA d:fine 66 Capsule
Lengths: 90mm, 110mm
Colours: Black (B), Beige (F), Brown (C)
DPA d:fine 88 Capsule
Lengths: 100mm, 120mm
Colours: Black (B), Beige (F), Brown (C)
DPA d:fine Omni Capsule
Lengths: 40mm, 90mm, 110mm
Colours: Black (B), Beige (F), Brown (C)
DPA d:fine Slim Directional
Lengths: 100mm, 120mm
Colours: Black (B), Beige (F), Brown (C)
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Anatomy of the DPA d:fine Headset Microphone

Anatomy of the DPA d:fine™ Headset Microphone

These headset microphones are modular by design, so if you wanted to have both omni and directional versions for use in different situations, you can buy a complete omni headset and then simply get a directional boom to add to the kit, using whichever boom the situation calls for. It also makes replacing damaged parts easy and economical. With so many options, we felt it crucial to make this handy guide to help you understand exactly what makes a DPA d:fine headset microphone. View the full range >>

DPA Microphones Warranty Information - UK & ROI

d:fine™ Modularity – Piece of mind included

DPA’s d:fine Headsets are fully modular. They come in three parts: the cable, the headband and the microphone boom.

This modularity, coupled with DPA’s excellent 2-year warranty on all d:fine™ Headset Mics, means that you can easily replace both the cable and headband – where damage or mishandling by talent is most likely to strike – without affecting the mic capsule and boom. Even out of the warranty period, these parts are relatively inexpensive to replace.

DPA d:fine™ Headset “How To” Video


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