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How to Mic Saxophone

How to Mic a Saxophone – DPA Mic University [VIDEO]

DPA Microphone University presents: How to Mic a Saxophone

This video demonstrates how to mic up a saxophone to get the clear, natural sound of the instrument to shine through. The demonstration uses various different DPA mics: the d:vote™ 4099S (Sax) Instrument mic, the d:dicate™ 4011ES Recording Mic with GSM4000 gooseneck mount, the d:screet™ 4061 Omni with GM1600 gooseneck mount, the d:dicate™ 2006ES with GSM4000, and the d:dicate™ 4006ES with GSM4000.

Start off placing the mic in the space between the keys and the bell. This position is always a good starting point as it gives a natural and balanced sound.


DPA d:vote™ 4099S Saxophone Mic – view details

DPA d:dicate™ 4011ES Recording Mic – view details

DPA d:screet™ GMK-SC4061 Kit – view details

GSM4000 Gooseneck Shockmount for d:dicate™ – view details

DPA d:dicate™ 2006 – view details

DPA d:dicate™ 4006 – view details

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